Lung Cancer Survival Rates and Life Expectancy

Lung cancer is among the most common cancer types in the USA compared to other types of cancer and thus, people ask about Lung Cancer Survival Rates. However, there is not a good figure to share because statistics have shown that lung cancer is responsible for many deaths; and labeled as the deadliest cancer type. Moreover, some research shows that %25 of cancer deaths originates in lung cancer.

How does lung cancer develop?

Some toxic substances reason in mutations of DNA in the lung and these mutations develop the tumor; which develops lung cancer. It has aggressive cancer cells and can invade neighboring structures and organs, which is defined as metastases. That is why the lung cancer survival rates are really low; which means that the chance of recovery is low, too.

Age, Race, and Gender

The median diagnosis age of lung cancer is 70 because the most of the patients are between 65 and 72 years old when the lung cancer diagnosis is made. It should be noted that not more than %2 of patients are older than 45.

Researches statistics show black men tend to have lung cancer more than white men do. (%20 more likely) However, it is interesting that black women are not more likely to have lung cancer more than white women; it is contrary to the situation seen in the opposite gender. In conclusion; it is clear that men are more likely to develop it than women without looking at the gender.


Lung cancer cases of more than %90 in men and more than %70 in women have resulted from smoking tobacco products. Recently, these figures start to change; death rates in women start to increase while it decreases in men because of the changing smoking habits of genders.

Smoking tobacco products are the primary reason for cancer development in the lung. It is known that smokers 13 to 20 times tend to have lung cancer in regard to their gender. Men tend to develop lung cancer more than women do; statistics show that every one out of 14 men has suffered from lung cancer while one out of 17 women has suffered from lung cancer. In the USA, there are more than 200 thousand new cases of lung cancer every year. (%14 of all cancer cases) Nearly  120 thousand of them are men while the rest is women. This statistic is also same in death rates; men rank first.

What makes the survival rates low?

Lung cancer doesn’t have early specific symptoms and this situation results in a late diagnosis of the disease. But, coughing endlessly (permanent cough, sometimes with blood) is one of the key signs of lung cancer. Patients generally suffer from loss of weight, loss of appetite, pain in bones, pain in the chest, fatigue and etc.

The treatment techniques

Firstly, we should remind you, readers, that we are posting these articles by keeping in mind that it is most probably because of the fact one of your friends, family members or you, yourself, suffer from this cancer type If you read these articles. Experts suggest that psychotherapy should accompany with your treatment techniques, support of family, friends and other people are needed because this cancer type has crucial rates and labeled as the deadliest cancer type with breast and pancreatic cancer.

The treatment of lung cancer depends on the stage of development, the shape of cancer, the age, and state of health of the patient. Small cell lung cancer is usually treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. These treatment methods essentially reduce the size of the tumor but also reduce the spread of cancer cells to other organs.

The treatment techniques are appointed by the stage of the tumor, the size, and the extent of it, the overall health condition of the patient. If the type of lung cancer is small cell; doctors generally prescribe chemotherapy and radiotherapy; they aim to decrease the spread speed of the cells and the extent of the tumor. If the type of cancer is non-small cell; doctors generally practice surgery in regards to size and extent of the tumor and whether the tumor has metastasized or not because metastasized cancer patients cannot benefit from surgery.

If surgery is practiced and the patient is okay; it is generally accompanied with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. If the patients suffer from advanced stages such as 4A and 4B; chemotherapy or radiotherapy are prescribed with the aim of reducing the size of the tumor and decrease the spread speed of it. Chemotherapy can be given to the patients for a few weeks or months with some stops to let the healthy cells to recover. Side effects of chemotherapy are not permanent and it is very effective for small cell cancer because it also attacks metastatic cancer cells. Finally, it can be claimed that chemotherapy can help people to recover and make their life partly qualified.

survival rates 1 - Lung Cancer Survival Rates and Life Expectancy
Lung cancer survival rates and life expectancy: it is between 9 and 20 months.

Lung Cancer Survival Rates

Some researches on statistics show that more than %80 of patients suffering from lung cancer die. The patients have %15 possibility to live for 5 years or more because it is a very aggressive cancer type and can affect other structures and organs. However, there are many factors which shape these survival rates; in other words, nobody can claim an exact lifespan for the patients; these figures are just medians and not applicable to all cases.

Research has shown that up to %5 of patients can live up to 5 years or more than that. However, it has been seen that the average lifespan after the diagnosis of the cancer is between 9 and 20 months when the diagnosis is made at early stages. It is a fact that lung cancer survival rates are really low. The treatment techniques are not capable of cleaning all cancerous cells and cannot always help the patient fully recover but they can increase the life expectancy.

When are Survival Rates high?

If the diagnosis is made at an early stage such as stage 1A and 1B; it hasn’t metastasized yet or the extent and size of the tumor are not large; when the surgery is practicable; the patient is not old, the survival rates can be higher.

Treatment techniques for lung cancer should also be supported by a good diet; the doctor can give the patient some tips by taking into the account the characteristics of the tumor and the patients’ overall health. This is one of the factors can affect survival rates because diets combine with the treatment techniques


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